WordCamp Salt Lake City 2017

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WordCamp is a conference held all around the world for nerds (in the most endearing sense) to come together and talk all things development!  Hosted by WordPress, it’s a chance to connect, learn, and grow professionally, and the free t-shirts, stickers, and food aren’t bad either.

I had my first experience at WordCamp this past week.  The conference was held at Church and State in Salt Lake and it was a wonderful venue for the event.  The accommodations and resources available were great and got one recharged to take on the webby world!

The conference featured 25+ different speakers on different subjects.   At any time there are multiple speakers so you can mix and match to customize your experience and listen to talks on what you specialize on or are interested in.  There are always snacks available and even rounds of Super Smash Brothers you can hop into.

Overall what has stuck with me most from WordCamp is the sense of community in the development world.  Most everyone was willing and ready to engage in conversation and support one another.  There is a common theme of learning and self-improvement which creates a great environment for a beginner like myself.  Each of the speakers were great; relatable, friendly, and passionate about their work.  

Join the community and find the next WordCamp near you !